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tv   The Source With Kaitlan Collins  CNN  February 22, 2024 12:00am-1:00am PST

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her. while katie porter fights for you. for senate - democrat katie porter. i'm katie porter and i approve this message. the economy is simply not working for millions of hard working families. they're working harder than ever and they still can't make enough to get by to afford food and medicine to even keep a roof over their heads. we need to build more housing that's truly affordable. we need to address this terrible epidemic of homelessness. we need to invest in good paying jobs, union jobs and investments in our future. this, this is why i'm running for the us senate. i'm adam schiff and i approve this message. >> comb download the free app now, i never there is a federal court in washington and this is cnn close captioning bronte, you buy in vet hell call 180071 000, to o. >> do you have an invention idea but don't know what to do next. cohen van help today, they can help you get started
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with your idea called now 807100020 tonight straight from the source republicans finally get a biden under oath before congress, right as their push to >> impeach the president implodes star witness has been indicted for lying about the bidens and bribes. a big embarrassment for house republicans who are still vowing to push ahead tonight also, an uproar over a first of its kind, ruling, the alabama supreme court says that frozen embryos are children and destroying them could land you in prison. how it could impact fertility treatments for people who want to have a thing beep and tonight, president biden is weighing going it alone to address the border prices. after republicans tanked a bipartisan border deal and executive action that would make it harder for migrants to get asylum and easier for the us to deport them i'm kaitlan collins, and this is the source
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tonight, the impeachment investigators are back on capitol hill. justin, time to interview their first member of the biden family under oath, the president's brother, james they're preparing to haul in hunter biden to testify a week from today. >> they >> believe that they've got president biden right where they want him or so they had hoped. instead it has blown up than their faces and a very public and embarrassing way the appearance centerpiece of this inquiry, as we now know, a now former fbi informant says that his claims about the bidens and the millions of dollars and bribe money actually came from russian intelligence so it would appear if the newly indicted x and formant, alexander smirnov, is telling the truth and we don't know, given his history, house republicans did exactly what vladimir putin was hoping that they would at this point, if the impeachment inquiry is not dead yet, it is certainly on life support. but just ask the chairman of the house judiciary
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committee that listen to what jim jordan said about this just a few weeks ago, about what the claims of this very informant are compared to what he's saying today. >> the most corroborating evidence we have is that 1023 form from this highly credible, confidential human source. can you said the 1023 is the most corroborating piece of information outbreaks, but it doesn't, doesn't change those fundamental facts. so now it's not true okay. so the fbi told us that this source was so 14 years, this source was a paid source by the fbi who took promotion of a bribery scheme was false? >> not at all >> not necessarily. not at all, but we'll talk about that in a moment more with one of jim jordan's colleagues in the house who has had a few choice things to say about what's been going on. but here's really where we stand tonight. the james biden interviewed today lasted more than eight hours. republicans still grasping at straws to keep this going. but as cnn has learned, james biden was just the latest and a
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string of witnesses to tell congress that joe biden did not have any involvement in his business dealings? even republicans handpicked witnesses here have undercut their claims, including that now infamous televised hearing. i should note the only one that we've ever seen. and also republican star witness is now facing federal charges. he's wearing an ankle monitor tonight. and the special counsel in that case is hounding a federal judge to put him back in jail i didn't trial, worried that he is a flight risk with all of that as the backdrop, some republicans are now trying to say it's fbi's fault for relying on smirnoff in the first place? joining me here tonight is republican congressman ken buck conserves on both the house judiciary and foreign affairs committee. committees. and congressman, it's great to have you looking at what you said last september, you were condemning your own party impeachment efforts, saying that republicans in the house, who are itching for an impeachment inquiry are relying on an imagined in history. did you ever think that it would
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collapse? and this spectacular of a fashion >> well, kaitlan has even more of an imagined history. now, obviously, this witness, and we were warned at the time that we received the document outlining this witness's testimony we were warned that the credibility of this statement was not known and yet, people, my colleagues went out and talk to the public about how this was credible and how it was damning and how it proved president biden's at the time vice president biden's complicity in receiving bribes it appears to absolutely be false and to really undercut the nature of the charges. we've always been looking for a link between what hunter biden received in terms of money and joe biden's activities or joe biden receiving money. this clearly is not a credible link at this point. >> so james comer and jim jordan, they knew that this was
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not corroborated information yet they still went public with it, talked about on television, used it to fuel these investigations regardless that's what it appears. >> i certainly didn't have any evidence outside the statement itself that it was credible. and as a prosecutor for 25 years, kaitlan, i never went to the public until i could prove the reliability of a statement. >> and even then, >> the only only public statement a prosecutor makes it because the charging document, let's see what the evidence is and this impeachment, if there is more evidence before going forward, you've been very skeptical of this effort that was so clearly in the making, this impeachment and grief, you still voted for the impeachment inquiry, though. do now what's happened this week? wish that you had not voted for that no. big difference between voting for an impeachment and impeachment inquiry. the inquiry was really required because the white house declined to provide documents that were requested, subpoenaed
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because they said that there was no formal impeachment inquiry voted on by the house. at that point, i thought there is no downside to voting for an impeachment inquiry, as long as the public knows and as long as my constituents know, i don't believe that the evidence is there that warrants an impeachment at this point. but certainly an inquiry allows the gathering of information. let's gather information, but let's not draw conclusion before we have all the information. >> well, now, the witnesses that republicans have brought in have undercut their claims the informant is indicted, james biden today, saying that his brother had nothing to do with his business dealings, is it time for republicans to drop this impeachment inquiry? >> i don't know. i don't know what all the evidence is kaitlan on. i don't want to judge the evidence one way or the other until i have a chance to sit down with the investigators and go through the evidence, but this certainly undermines a lot if if the impeachment inquiry was based on this witness, it
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undermines the credibility of this impeachment i will say that it's suspicious that anybody would pay a hunter biden as much money as they paid him without any expertise in the oil and gas industry, without any expertise and international banking. so those things are suspicious. but again, there's no link directly to vice president biden's activities so then why is there an impeachment inquiry? because i mean, what evidence is it that you're waiting to see? because what we've heard has all been basically undercut by this i don't disagree with that. kaitlan, i think that what what evidence i'm waiting to see in order to vote for an impeachment, is that joe biden took actions based on payments that were made to a hunter biden? i have not seen that yet, and i am still a no on an impeachment until i see that type of evidence, >> i guess my question it how do you continue an inquiry when the person that the inquiry was based on, which is this informant that's the 1023 form
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that you're referencing that they said they couldn't corroborate. we now know this person has been indicted for lying to the fbi. so how do you continue investigation? based on someone indicted for lying? >> well, if there's other evidence besides this witness's testimony, there's other evidence that indicates could be bank records, could be a different witness that indicates that there is a connection. i think the inquiry is warranted certainly hunter biden's activities are bring the biden family really integrity into question. i think it's fair to look at those things. i think the public has a right to know exactly what this vice president did, right now. i don't see illegal activity from this vice president. but the inquiry itself is fair. the federal government and other governments, state and local governments examine people all the time and conclude they don't have enough evidence to go forward with charges. and that's a conclusion that the
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republicans in the house are going to have to reach unless there is some direct evidence that vice president biden i'm sorry. go ahead. >> you're on the house judiciary committee. have you seen any evidence that justifies continuing it so far? there's been investigations and going on for a long time. it's not new >> it's not new, but but kaitlan, i distinguish between moving forward with an inquiry or an investigation and charging. i absolutely think that it inquiry is fair looking at this situation is fair drawing the conclusion that vice president biden committed a crime high crime or misdemeanor, or an impeachable offense. i don't i don't draw that conclusion at this point. >> i think some people may look at this though and see even the handpicked witnesses by republicans have undercut their claims. here's what's happened here. and then they look ahead to what's happening march 1, budget bill is due that we haven't seen any progress on so far. i'd say house
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republicans are focusing on the wrong thing here >> well, i think certainly i voted against the mayorkas impeachment i've voted against some of the actions that i believe were political and not that really moved the ball forward and trying to help america at this point, i'm in favor of the ukraine funding. it passed the senate i'm hoping it comes to the house floor those are things that i think we need to work on and certainly spending as one of those keeping the government open as one of those things one of those priorities. but this doesn't necessarily take away, this investigation doesn't necessarily take away from the resources that are necessary to pass those other very important bills. >> yeah. i just think there's a lot of questions about the foundation of it and its very existence. congressman ken buck, we'll see what happens when republicans are back in washington. thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> i want to talk more about this x fbi informant, though, the one that the special counsel is now saying should be still in jail as he awaits
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trial, but has been released. and this possible russian intelligence operation that has clearly potentially made its way into congress. we have the former cia chief of russia operations also an international security analyst, steve hall here, and it's great to have you a steve, i think some people may look at this and wonder, how did this happen? how do you go from having someone who was considered a prized source at the fbi who has now been turned into an indicted former informant yeah, there's there's a lot of questions, valid questions about bank kaitlan. i mean, it was interesting to hear that this guy has actually been are actually was a confidential informant for the fbi for for ten years, you know, having having been in the human source business myself previously, not domestic, a bit overseas human beings are sometimes difficult to get to the bottom of beit when you're talking about a reporting relationship, you would think those types of things would be addressed and taken care of in the first months or maybe a year into the relationship. and this is
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apparently a ten year relationship, so i'm sure people will be looking at that to try to find out how it was that somebody who ends up being a liar. actually is reporting and providing information for that long of a period. >> yeah. he was talking to his fbi handler on a daily basis. we're told and evan perez has been reporting on this and he says that the fbi had been suspicious of some of smirnova's information as far back as 2020. but despite that, our reporting is there's there's no indication that he was polygraphed. it would it be typical for that to happen for the fbi to be able to assess their sources >> and i can't speak directly for fbi mo on this, but you know, the polygraph is a useful tool in some circumstances not all circumstances and you've got to be really careful with it because it can, it's very inexact type of device. but that said there's a whole bunch of other types of testing corroborating from other sources. there's all sorts of
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things that can be done in the background to try to find out more about who these sources are. of course, if the sources actually acting on behalf of the russian intelligence services or in any state intelligence service worth their assault. >> it >> makes it a lot harder for people who are trying to find out where the lives are because you've got professionals running this guy on the other side, which i think is probably all of this happening in this case so you believe he was basically a double agent >> i believe the russian intelligence services got a hold of this guy either or sent him in cold and had him may make contact with the fbi that way. but this has all the all the harm are hallmarks of a russia disinformation operation. there very good at this kind of thing. and that again makes it a lot harder for those looking for that type of operation to find the deception immediately at least. well, and given the history, recent history, at least of sources who were once prized and then became notorious and investigated people at christopher steele, who i should note wasn't charged if
12:15 am
the fbi knew who they couldn't corroborate his claims, why did it take until last summer to try to start unraveling them and to tell congress all to tell the public, but also to tell congress given clearly, these members, some of them had a propensity for pushing this stuff, even though they had been told hey, this isn't corroborated information, but they're the ones who've been out out there repeating it into oblivion basically >> yeah. i think we're describing here kaitlan the sort of that line between the professional, the collection of information and intelligence and law enforcement type of activities and then transitioning into the political handling of that information i mean, sure. it as we in talking about it's incumbent upon any organization that's running human sources to try to, to try to get to the bottom and find out the level of their veracity and then report that information to the government, to the us government with the appropriate caveats. if that's appropriate, you can report something and said we're not sure that this guy is telling you the truth or there's these other issues that's perfectly acceptable.
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but then when politicians get a hold of this stuff and say wow to me, that's exactly what i want to hear. then it becomes a political question. it's a little longer for law enforcement or intelligence question. >> yeah. now it's >> something that so many people will believe that's still being pushed as they're downplaying it, steve hall, it's great to have you breaking this down. it's a fascinating story all right >> good to be her. >> up next, there's a ruling that has sent shockwaves across the country, is frozen embryos in alabama are now considered to be humans it's a decision that could end up having national implications for people who are seeking fertility treatment also tonight, president biden and maybe taking a major executive action on the border soon rsv can seriously impact breathing even for the best performance. protect yourself with pfizer's of rizo, a vaccine to prevent lower respiratory disease from rsp in people 60 years it's
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12:21 am
that ruling came from a pair of lawsuits in which couples had sued a clinic for wrongful death after their embryos were accidentally dropped on the floor and destroyed. but now at a fear of the legal consequences of this new ruling, health care providers in alabama say that they are stopping ivf treatments reproductive rights advocates and medical experts are warning that that decision is going to have a profound impact on patients. my next guest tonight could be one of the hundreds of thousands of potential ivf patients affected. julie eshel men is a military wife and a mom to a beautiful two-year-old daughter. >> who >> was conceived with the help of ivf for julie. that was a five-year odyssey involving multiple miscarriages and heartbreak. and now the prospect of growing her family has been thrown into doubt. yet again, her family's preparing for another move potentially to alabama. and what she will do with her embryos remains an open question tonight. julie is here with us now and julie, i just want us to have so grateful that you're here. i
12:22 am
mean, every one knows the grueling and expensive process that is ivf. and just given that, i want to know what you thought when you found out about this ruling and the implications that it could have honestly, i was shocked. i was enjoying the long weekend out of town with my family and i got on facebook and i solid a post about it and immune my heart just dropped i shocked it is really the only way to describe it because of the applications that it really could have on family-building, an ivf, not only an alabama, but nationwide >> what's your biggest concern with that? >> that access to ivf is going to be stripped away. i mean, it's already hard enough to access insurance coverage for ivf for many families and the
12:23 am
idea that now you have to be worried about where you live or for me where my a husband is stationed, and whether or not that would even be legal for us to pursue ivf to move our embryos to that state. so that we didn't have to travel for treatments. there's lot there's just more things than i can even articulate at this moment that i'm concerned about. >> this is something that you've confronted before. i mean, i know when you when you before when you moved and you are going from illinois to pennsylvania you move them, but that was only after you saw the state turned blue in the election. and i think the concern is what would happen if you if you took them, would you feel that they were at risk if you took these embryos, your embryos to alabama, given this ruling oh, most certainly. >> i mean, i don't even know i mean, i don't even know that i would actually even think about
12:24 am
moving them to a state like alabama, given the current climate, just because i know that they're safer, they're at right now. and immune. i don't even know if we would be able to pursue family-building if we were to be stationed in a state that with this ruling suddenly changed their personhood laws or changed access to ivf how does it feel as someone who has gone through ivf and knows, you know, how painful it is, how grueling it is, how >> difficult it is for so many women. and it's obviously normally a really private thing that people want to talk about. it must feel strange to now have to consider what the government thinks about that decision. it must feel invasive >> you know, kaitlan, it really does because there's so many decisions that a couple has to make when they are going through the family-building
12:25 am
process. and that's just naturally going to family-building process. and then you add a diagnosis of infertility the or other challenges that a couple of might face in trying to build their family and they need to seek fertility treatments. there's all these different decisions that go into that. and then now you're adding the complication of get this states getting involved in those decisions, and lawmakers and politicians that have opinions on some of these subjects. but maybe they're not fully informed and fully understand the repercussions that these decisions and that these laws could have for families like mine yeah, it's certainly a concerning ruling. julie, i'm grateful that you came on to talk about something like this because it impacts so many women and sharing your story is so important. so thank you for your time tonight. >> thank, you it's an honor to be able to share my story and to raise awareness >> julia shulman. thank you.
12:26 am
>> we have much more ahead >> on where this ruling could lead. there are major questions about the implications we're also hearing presidential candidates, including nikki haley weighing on this tell you what she said. >> but after a quick break mucinex night chief, but your worst nighttime symptoms. so you can get to sleep and wake up ready to go? >> could you wake up to a new us with mucinex night it's not coming lucy. >> it's always come back >> season. >> there's a health crisis in america and the cause may be one specific thing in our diet. it's in hundreds of foods you may already have noticed warning signs like bloating and gas, weight gain, joint discomfort, low-energy, and even worse health issues. my name is dr. stephen gunnery. and after years of strikes probably what these same issues i found a new way to support my health at home by making one simple change to my diet. it's called bio complete three, bile complete three works by restoring bring your gut health from the inside-out. and it's packed on some of most revolutionary prebiotics,
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12:30 am
unprecedented ruling from the supreme court and alabama that >> says frozen embryos now count as people were also hearing from 2024 candidates tonight weighing in. here's what nikki haley's said earlier. >> i mean, embryos to me or babies. so those created through ivf. >> i mean, i >> had artificial >> insemination that's how i had my son. when you talk about an embryo, you we are talking about to me. that's a life >> haley agreeing with the ruling there, but also taking a more nuanced position saying that ivf treatment is an incredibly personal issue. here tonight, nancy northup, the president and ceo of the center for reproductive rights. and it's great to have you back. we just heard from nikki haley get shoes on king charles. they asked her to follow up to clarify what she said there. and this is what she told them >> i didn't say that i agreed with the alabama ruling. what the question that i was asked is, do i believe an embryo is a
12:31 am
baby? i do think that if you look in the definition, an embryo is considered an unborn baby. and so yes, i believe from my stance at that is the difference is this is what i say about abortion as well. we need to treat these issues with the utmost respect >> what do you make of that answer? not even just from a political sense, but, but what it means for what someone who wants to be president, how they see this? >> i mean, let's just step back about how radical this decision was. this decision that frozen embryos at an ivf clinic are in the court's words, children i mean, it's patently absurd, but what is really frightening about the decision is it uses the very concept and i'm quoting the decision extra uterine children i mean, if it weren't so scary in its implications it almost sounds
12:32 am
like a farce, so it is problematic that anyone is framing this as a reasonable decision. >> i wrote that down as well to ask you about because i looked at it and it's the opinion. obviously, they're typically stored in freezers and it referred to the visit it's extra uterine children. is that a typical medical term for not. >> an embryo is an embryo, right? a born child is born child. >> and what is >> frightening here is the fact that we're seeing it all over this erosion of reproductive autonomy. of course, we saw it and the reversal of roe versus wade wade with respect to abortion. but now we're seeing it with families that want to create children being told that their decisions or not, there's to be made. but in this case, that alabama will consider extra uterine children are what fertilized eggs are. >> i guess that's part of the irony here, because what the judges, the justices were saying in their ruling was this is about protecting life and
12:33 am
protecting children. but so many women in alabama use ivf to have children. i mean, out of the five of eight fertility clinics ev reporting data more than 400 babies were born through the help of ivf treatments. so in turn, it could actually hinder more children being born because the uav, the biggest health care system in alabama is no stopping these ivf procedures. >> that's right. and as your prior guests pointed out couples want to make these decisions for themselves. this is in the realm of the most let's personal decisions that people can make. >> and people want to create families and the notion again, to push a political agenda by taking a medical term, embryo and turning it into you know, extra uterine children. >> i mean, it is absolutely absurd. >> but again, frightening because we're seeing taking away reproductive autonomy, taking away reproductive health care decisions. and it's not just women, it's men and women. >> when we're talking about access to ivf treatment for
12:34 am
family creation. >> you mentioned roe versus wade. what this decision have happened if roe versus wade has not been overturned by the supreme court? >> i don't think you would have seen the boldness that we're seeing from courts, from politicians about the fact that they are pushing this agenda, equating embryos with full personhood. and so i do think that the reversal roe v. wade has unleashed this notion that we took for granted about being able to make decisions about contraception, about ivf, about abortion, that these were our decisions to be made or all of a sudden being taken away, you will be closing what's your concern that it's not the last well, it's a concern that this concept, again of the extra uterine children could spread to other states. personhood laws have always been a problem in other states. and again, it is just heartbreaking for families who may not be able to choose as military families cannot but where they reside,
12:35 am
to live in a state that doesn't respect their rights to make these family formation decisions for themselves. >> it's the north though. it's a wide ranging decision. thank you for joining us to talk about the idea is going to have thank you. and of course you can watch the rest of nikki haley's interview with king charles that will air at the top of the hour. so continue watching here on cnn, an extra us here on the source, president biden, we are told tonight is considering major new executive action at the southern border. question is what the extent of it is? after republicans in the house tank, a bipartisan deal from the senate >> there's something going around. the gordon good thing gertrude found delsam now what's going around is 12 cough relief the family. that takes delsam together feels better together >> do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need. now you can sell your policy even a term policy for an immediate cash payment all coventry
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exceptionally stink free and smell as good as humanly possible. >> the situation with wolf blitzer tomorrow with six on cnn >> tonight, cnn has learned that president biden is concerned considering an executive action to restrict the ability of migrants to be able to seek asylum at the southern border president trying to reclaim the mantel on an issue that he pulls the weakest dawn. and of course this comes fresh off what we saw in the house with republicans, they're refusing to take up that bipartisan deal that came out of the senate to secure the border, at least attempt to it was a deal that they had demanded in exchange
12:40 am
for more aid for ukraine. but then after had been negotiated for months, they killed it at the behest of donald trump. >> i'll >> no final decision has been made and we're told that the white house has not commenting on this reporting tonight. this action does appear to be an extension of some of the toughest measures that would have been in that border bill i want to talk about this with two political vets, paul begala, a democratic strategist, and lee carter, a republican strategist and pollster. and paul, i mean, obviously this is something that white house was prepared to do if this immigration bill had gone forward, what does it say to that now they're looking at it from an executive order, even though they claimed before that they were pretty limited on what they could do, they probably the are pretty limited. a brock obama tried to use executive authority on immigration issues in the courts, backed him off of several those. donald trump, the same i think the president has a good argument. >> we need new laws and the political argument that wins is when he says belatedly, but now says, we have to control the border. i will close the border if congress gives me the power, i i could go into an election
12:41 am
with joe biden saying i want to close the border and open the women's clinics mr. trump wants cast the border chaos in your daughter's lives in your sister's lives. those are two, because it's taking the republicans best issue away from them, or at least trying to neutralize it. >> yeah, in a very well could think they can sign this executive order to be challenged in the courts. but even if it is, wouldn't give president biden a win here in the sense that he could say, well, at least i attempted to do this. house republicans blocked this bill and i lose tried to implement it from what i could do with the power of the pen. >> well, i think it actually could hurt because in the other hand republicans have been saying that he can do it without this law, that he could just do it if you wanted to if you can show that he can't, then maybe this backfire on republicans. so i think there's actually an interesting argument we made here. >> what do you make? >> people want order >> we, we love immigrants >> i think w. had it, right? i think obama had it right, right. anyway, used to say nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. and i do think that democrats have been slow to
12:42 am
come to the conclusion that we've got to have ordered once you then have order, then people open their heart, say loved immigrants, they want immigrants, but they got to have ordered biden is now going to give them order on another note tonight, something that stood out to me is we heard from lara trump, trump's daughter-in-law, but also now apparently going to be the next co-chair of the republican national committee after he endorsed her for that role, she was talked about trump's legal bills, which we know have been ballooning and skyrocketing. and she said this about what she thanks republican voters, think about that >> you think paying for president trump's legal bills is something that is of interest of republican voters. absolutely that's why you don't find me get started. that's why people are furious right now and they see the attacks against him. they feel like it's an attack not just on donald trump, but on this country >> but do republican donors want to pay trump's legal bills? >> not all republican donors do, but i've got to say there is a huge set of republicans specifically trump's supporters who do want to support him. i spoke with one voter who said, and this is really just stuck
12:43 am
out to me and said he has but for us now, it's our time to fight for him. and they're really looking at this as a time to support him when i talk about his legal bills, this is about the campaign for them. they feel like this is about a fight for democracy, that the system is rigged, that there is a two tier system of justice if they have to fight back, they want a fighter and donald trump, and they want to support him. and if that means that their money needs to go to the court cases, then they'll do it and it's really hard for everybody else to understand because if you don't support donald trump, you don't see it that way, but that's how his supporters see it. >> paul bagala, how to you a non-trump support or i should note, that wasn't obvious. i think it would be amazing if just once donald trump had thought about anybody other than donald trump he's going to some of the best people look countries of the poorest people in country, taking their money for his needs everything is about him. and when he's on the stump, it's all about him. he he is you know, he's like pavarotti warming up before the opera, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and joe biden not to say, i'm going to be for you and i think that's a nice
12:44 am
distinction because people actually want to present work for them. >> it isn't interesting distinction, but at 2% of trump supporters feel like he cares about them fighting present borders we actually have half a country that can't stand the guy. and so i don't think i don't think spending all my time analyzing trump supporters is all that useful because they're there and god bless him and we hope that they all vote and we love them. and we hope they give all their money to legal bills for mr. trump. i could give a rip but the people going to decide this election are not in search of a president who's focused on himself and his own legal woes. >> well what about republicans though, who maybe they don't love trump being the top of the party, but they care about other republicans getting elected. i mean, is that the best use of the rnc to use it to pay for his legal bills. >> i'm not sure it's the best use, but certainly when you look at how much of the polling there's so many republicans out there who do feel whether or not they support trump, they do feel this system is rigged against them. they do feel like things are unfair. they want a fighter. and this is more than 80% of republicans say that they want somebody to fight back and so they are looking for this. i don't think that they necessarily want to
12:45 am
support his legal bills. i don't think there's something symbolic about this fight that i think people want to be part of speaking of raising money, sometimes the most forthcoming comments that we see from president biden are at these fundraisers that he does. they're behind closed doors unfortunately for us or not on camera, but he's i always read the reports because he is often very blunt and very biden-esque. and tonight he's at one in san francisco and he was talking about climate and the change that threats the threat that it poses. but he also slipped into this moment where he was talking about president putin, and he called them an sob and was talking about the very real nuclear threat. and i wonder what you make of how biden has been speaking about putin compared with what we've heard from from trump himself just saying yesterday that he's like the dissident who was killed and russia >> yeah, i think is great. i, this is biden being strong and trumping week and a trump voters love this notion that he's strong. and i think biden should press this. all putin's got something on trump. and what he's got is a particular part of his anatomy, rightness pocket trump spends all his time bowing think before putin
12:46 am
on his knees to putin, he's weak, weak, weak. and here's joe who's supposed to be a doddering old man. he's ready to take the fight to putin. i like that as a democrat. i like as american. putin is our enemy. and i don't want to see anybody in either party bowing before him the way mr. trump is pathetic. it's it's actually very weak. it's, i don't understand what was very republican, esq., to for republicans to embrace someone who doesn't condemn the russian, the russian leader know it's not at all. i mean, it's not what you would expect when you think about two mitt romney when he is the biggest threat to america is russia. and he was made fun of for that. so it is find me, i'm sorry. not by me. and i later apologized publicly because i was wrong and mit was right. and i think it just oh good political decency requires that i point that out. i was one of those knuckleheads. well >> i think it's just a fascinating turn right? that this is where we are right now, except i do think that republicans look at donald trump and i think he's being a tough negotiator. they think he's somehow being smarter than everybody else by saying, oh putin, so smart, they think that he's doing something crafty. the art of the dealer
12:47 am
there's something behind that, behind the curtain of what he's doing. i don't think that they're looking at it as weakness. >> lee carter, public gala. thank you for your what did you call it? >> when >> you apologized your decency. >> well, i tried to be decent. i often fail, but yeah. at least try to be accountable even for a texas fan. thank you. >> also tonight, cnn has gotten some new secret service documents and what they say about one member of the biden family commander, the german shepherd on the record, 24 biting accidents. what that means? >> for the secret service and the impact of that next >> don for news about sling tv has the same news programming you love starting at $40 a month. it's the same news programming you love starting at $40 a month. that's what i just said, right? it's this less starting at $40 a month >> do you suffer from chronic knee pain? >> my knees ache and hurt all day long. >> the pain is constant. >> i trust want my knees back.
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12:52 am
incidents, 24 that's according to documents obtained by cnn. these documents include images of closed torn by one of his bytes. i should note this number 24 does not include the additional biting incidents that involved other white house staff on the grounds, which we know from our previous reporting has happened but these new documents do reveal that the german shepherds behavior became a serious hazard in the workplace and it forced the secret service to actually adjust their tactics. joining me here tonight is former secret service special operations officer and president and founder of canine hurricanes, heroes, marshall muraki, along with his canine hurricane, it's so great to have you. i don't think we've ever had a dog on this show. so first off, this is a huge win for us. i'm just happy to have you, but but marsha, on the serious of nis of this, we are told commanders no longer at the white house, he is now with other members of the family. but when you hear the agents had actually change their tactics given their job is to protect the president. i wonder what you make of them yeah.
12:53 am
>> i mean that's definitely disheartening to hear. i spent over ten years at the white house have a lot of experience with the family pets and it would start with president bush and the scottish terriers. and then i did all eight years on obama's president obama's swat team with his portuguese water dogs would definitely didn't experience some of the things that are going on now, but it's definitely a different environment for sure. it sounds like the problem has been taken care of, but yet 24 is definitely astounding number to say the least is there any, i think first off with his first is happening. i was still covering the white house and the question was, is there anything that they could do to fix this? obviously, presidents have long had their pets, as you mentioned at the white house would them, is there any kind of training that could have resolved? this clearly, behavior of a dog that was moved into a white house with a lot of people around, which isn't a typical environment >> you know, being a dog lover and obviously the charity. i
12:54 am
always side with the dog. the dog can be trained and probably a onetime that could have been fixed you know, obviously now i think it's a little a little too far gone for that, but a lot of it comes with knowing your dog. hurricanes and today was born has been trained to protect, been trained to bite. so i have to be cognizant of that technically was a weapon when he was working. so i have to be very careful if i would let him run around free. >> he would >> he would do the same thing. so a lot of it is just on the owner to make sure that those things don't happen if you are going to have a dog that there's going to roam free and bite somebody that that's obviously something that can't continue. i've had him 12 years and i know when he can be roman free and when he asked to be obviously at my sayyed and that's that's on me, you know, to protect other people from getting hurt. and then obviously to protect him because i don't want to put him in a situation where he thinks
12:55 am
he's doing the right thing. yeah. and then in trouble. yeah. he thinks he's at work. i mean, we all saw the dogs at the white house. they had vest that say, obviously do not pet the dogs. i mean, he was there with you when you he was a secret service dog, he was there with you when you were also in the secret service. what is the transition been like from from going from the white house to being a pet outside of the white house? >> so he changed completely now he's almost 15, so it is obviously very different, but he did retire early from that incident during president obama's administration when the insured or jump the front lawn and hurricane did jump out and stop him, but he got he got hurt pretty bad and the process so he retired early then retired over seven years. so the process has been very gradual. and as you can see now, is he's pretty much in full pat mode every now and then, he will try and protect me, but he's he's pretty much a full full-time pad at this point, which is good. that's
12:56 am
what i wanted. i want the dogs would be able to enjoy their retirement he is so cute next time you guys have to come in studio. this is my next condition for when you join marshall muraki, a hurricane. thank you for coming on tonight to talk about this. >> thank you so much. >> ahead on a more serious note, this story that we're following closely here, another us citizen was just detained in russia. a ballerina charged with treason for donating to a certain charity. and the fight now underway to bring her home meet the traveling trio the thrill seeker, the soul searcher, and if the explorer each helping to tech their money with chase, lost card isn't keeping this thrill seeker down. >> lost her card. now off the vibe, the sole >> searchers finding his identity and helping to protect it oh, yeah. the explorer. she's looking to dive deeper. all wild chase looks out for her because these friends have chased alerts that health check tools that help protect one bank that put it's you and
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